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Guys I need Your help!

I don't know if you're familiar with Kickstarter.
I started a campaign on this site! :)…

Goal is to deliver high quality prints on: 

You guys help me by pre-ordering a print.
If you can't buy, you can help me by sharing the link on Twitter or your Fb account!
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Hello and welcome everybody!

Below is my commission information in it's entirety. This commission info was updated on 03/08/14.

:la: I am accepting new commissions! :la:

Tools of the Trade

I work mostly in traditional media:
ink (black)
pencil (greyscale)
tablet (color - digital - usually Photoshop)

Types of Commissions

Partial - These are formally referred to as Waist-Ups or Bust-Ups. These images are of only a portion (about half) of a character's body. The hands may or may not be shown, the feet won't be.
Full - These are full-body images in which the hands and feet are shown depending on pose, along with the rest of the character's body.


Sketches are done in black and white, and are sketchy - or rough. They will not be perfect, but they will be clear.

Portrait: 8$
Full-body: 12$
+Backgrounds: 5$
+Additional Characters 2$/head

john legend by tomeksz robert kubica by tomeksz


Linearts are similiar to sketches but are finished with ink pens. I'm using pretty straight-forward colouring.

Portrait: 9$
Full-body: 13$
+Backgrounds: 5$
+Additional Characters 2$/head
+Colour 5$

trainsleeping by tomeksz that's all you get by tomeksz

Color Painted

Color paintings are made entirely digital, or painted over a traditional sketch.

Partial: 40$

anais pouliot by tomeksz indiana girl by tomeksz

Size: A4/A3 or 1000px


1. henslk1

Subscription Trades/Points

I will on occasion accept points in lieu of an actual money payment. But please ask first.

For my exchange rate, $1 = 80 points, so a $10 commissions = 800 points. A $30 commission = 2400 points. Etc. You can find a USD to Points calculator here if you're particularly lazy or suck at math.…

My Rules &FAQs

1. Check out my gallery and know what you are getting into. It doesn't take a genius to understand that I'm not an epic artist - I have things I do not draw well. (Animals, environment etc.. I am still learning.)  Yes, I will draw them if you ask me to - I will honestly put my utmost effort into it.. but don't expect the outcome to be as good as something I'm good at drawing (portraits!). I simply haven't had the practice.

2. I will draw anything. Yes, anything. I might not like drawing it, I may not be good at drawing it, but if you ask, I will try my best to live up to my usual standards.

3. I reserve the right to turn down commissions.  Sometimes I'm really busy - sometimes I may just not like your attitude.  I can turn down your commission if I so feel like it on a whim. (This rarely happens though XD)

4. I reserve the right to post your commission in my gallery or use it for self-advertising.  I may post it, I may not - but I drew it, and I'd like to show it off. If the commission is of a personal nature (of a loved one for instance) you may of course, ask that I not post it.  I may agree not to if you ask nicely. I also reserve the right to make the lineart I draw for you available to colorists around the site so they may practice. I do have a strict policy on crediting both myself and you for the lineart. If you do not want the lineart to be available for people to color it, please let me know, and I will post a special note on it asking that it not be used, or I will keep the lineart from my gallery entirely.

5. All payments MUST be made before I will begin to work on your image.  My time isn't free. If I choose not to finish your commission, I will refund your payment. If you receive your commission and don't like it, we will discuss it.  I'm very thorough when I work on a piece, and check in with my progress on a daily basis - and fix it along the way to your specifications. Because of this process, I will NOT redo an entire piece once it's finished. You will have had plenty of time to speak up about any problems with it before then, and I will assume you're trying to con me out of my pay. I'm not opposed to fixing small issues even after it's colored, but I will not redraw the entire piece, nor will I give you a refund at that point. This is why I said #1 up there: know what my capabilities are, so you know what to expect.  Don't expect a miracle, and then demand a refund - whether you like it or not, I put a lot of effort into the art I created, and I am entitled to payment for that work. 

6. All commissions are given in digital-art form. (.jpg, .psd, .png, .gif .... whatever you prefer). I do not ship hard copies of my art - don't ask. I keep all hard copies for myself as proof that the artwork is my own should an art theft issue arise in the future. Usually my canvas size is around 900-1k pixels in size, depending on what was drawn. You may request any size version you wish of your commission.  Just be sure to ask before I start work. It's easier to shrink an image and retain quality than it is to blow up an image.

7. All commissions will come with a digital watermark or signature (probably signature) somewhere on the image.  YOU MAY NOT REMOVE IT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE. I don't care that you paid for the image - I drew it. I want credit. If for some reason you want a version of the image WITHOUT the signature (and can give me a good reason) I will consider leaving it off. But it'd have to be a very good reason, and credit would still have to be given wherever it is posted.

8. Yes - if you ask, I will draw you copyrighted characters - I will even mimic another artist's style - but you must have permission from the original owner of the copyright. I want expressed, written permission from them - not you. I don't want to step on anyone's toes and earn money off someone else's character unless they are all right with it. So before you ask me to draw it - get permission.

9. I will try my best to finish commissions in a timely manner, and with the utmost effort I am capable of. However, occasion may arise in which I must put off work for a couple of days - please be understanding of any delays, and I will try my best to keep you informed of any and all work on your commission so that you always know where I stand with its completion. See estimated times below for each type of work. (Note: for lineart, the sketch time is included in the estimate.  For standard color, the linework and sketch time are included. etc etc)

Sketches:  1-2 days
Painted Sketches: 2-3 days
Monochrome Painted: 3-8 days
Color Painted: 5-10 days

These are only time estimates. Pieces may take longer or shorter times depending on my current work flow and the difficulty of the piece. Backgrounds and multiple characters adds more time to these estimates.

10. I reserve the right to artistic license.  If you ask for a certain type of picture or pose, I will try my very best to accomplish what you ask - but I like to experiment and change details. It's fun, and it keeps me interested in the work I'm doing. If you have any objections to my artistic license: voice your concerns early. (For instance: if it's a commission for a book cover, you may want the characters portrayed exactly to some specification - and I will comply to your request)But if you are not detailed enough in what you want, or you aren't sure, and say something like "I just want a waist-up shot of my OC...", expect random creativity.  The more creative leeway you give me... the better your commission will probably turn out.

11. I work on a first-come-first-serve basis. I have a running list of commissions in the order I received them, and they are completed in that order. Occasionally I will skip a commission up my list if the person before them on my commission list has not been responding to messages, the commission can be done really quickly (like a sketch), or the person before them has put a hold on their commission due to financial reasons.  I do what I can to get my commissions done as quickly as possible for everyone concerned.  When you commission me I will warn you about how many commissions I have before you, and will note you when it is time for me to start your commission. You need not pay for your commission until I am ready to start it.

12. Yes, I do collaborations - if you've had another artist create you a commission and you'd like me to edit something on the commission or to complete it, I'd be willing to work on it (we can negotiate prices based on what needs done) but I do require that the original commissioned artist send me a note letting me know that it's okay for me to work on their piece. I don't want to step on any toes or end up over-drawing something someone was really proud of unless they know about it and are okay with it. I may also agree to do a collaboration with you - ask first. sometimes if my workload is low or an artist is really awesome, I'll do a collaboration for FREE, but if I'm already busy, or the artist is a newbie, I'll probably charge a fee... because my time could better be spent working on paid commissions.

On occasion I may put a freeze on taking new commissions if my current list of commissions is getting quite long. I don't like making people wait more than a week or two for their commission, and will ask you if you mind the wait ahead of time.

Payments & How To Commission Me

PAYMENTS: I accept PayPal. US Dollars Only. Or points as listed above. I will not currently accept art trades or requests (though if you ask, I may donate my time towards a contest prize or charity).

HOW TO COMMISSION: Send me a note here on DA, with "COMMISSION" in the subject line (so I don't lose it in my junk mail folder!), detailing the type of commission you want, and any pertinent details to what you want in the image. (be as detailed as possible please! I don't want to have to send you 20 e-mails to figure out what you want -_-), I will then confirm that you understand the price of the commission and have read the entirety of this journal.  If you agree to my terms, I will give you the e-mail I use for PayPal so that payment can be made, and I can begin to work on your commission!  Don't be afraid to ask questions if you have them, I don't mind answering them, and I want both of us to be clear on the commission process before any transactions are made. I will try my best to give you an estimate on how long it will take me finish your commission. Depending on the size and detail involved, pieces usually take me 9-47 hours of straight work (several days real time. I do need to eat and sleep etc.). Visual aids are helpful if you have a certain pose, hairstyle, or clothing you want in the image - or if you have reference images of your character, but they aren't required.  a text description is perfectly fine.

By the way (#RHCP), check out commissions info of my friends:

-- Commissions closed for a while --11.05.2013 I added a "Terms of Service" part in the journal, since the interest of commissions with commercial use is growing a bit. This was made to make things clearer and easier as possible! Basically nothing changed, I just added more information ^^
24.06.2013 :iconballoonprincess: also left a comment praising me, thank you so much!
You can check it here:
26.08.2013 Valauiel left me a very nice comments about my work and my commissions! I didn't expect that, haha! I'm really moved and glad about it, thanks a lot! -
I wasn't able to edit the last commission journal properly (might be a bug, as always) so I had to create a new journal! I'm sorry for the trouble.
I'm also open for interesting projects of any kind, like character design for games, illustration

Commission OPEN by SavannaBread :iconsavannabread:

Feature Exchange

 even if by pieing breathe in by pieing waiting for something that is not gonna happen by pieing  Pieing Works!I finally found time to re-order all my stuff in all websides and accounts. I want to get my attetion back to dA as i did years ago and make some real stuff. 
I'm looking for features! 

As you may (or not) know i've opened my Etsy shop
Here you can find my digital paitings and items based on my pictures.

But hey, thats not everything!
I'm making also pencil drawings and photos. 
All of my works are visible here, on dA.
But i'd be really happy if you like my Facebook page
Somebody said "Let the beauty of what you love be what you do." 
So, to be truthful, I draw ever since I can remember. Drawing is my life. 
During my studies I started my own history with illustration art. 
I am happy to share with you my work-the thing which I really love.
I accept order of draw/paint items.
Feel free to write me if y

Nilshai by OchreJelly Silent Assassin by OchreJelly Herald by OchreJelly :iconochrejelly:
Pick Your Background/CSS by U-rn  :iconu-rn:


Greetings Earthlings!

You can visit or Buy illustrations in my shop on ETSY:
shipping worldwide

You can Follow me on:

Happy Day!
Guys I need Your help!

I don't know if you're familiar with Kickstarter.
I started a campaign on this site! :)…

Goal is to deliver high quality prints on: 

You guys help me by pre-ordering a print.
If you can't buy, you can help me by sharing the link on Twitter or your Fb account!
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  • Reading: Architecture of XXI Century
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